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A Game of Thrones: The RPG

From ICv2:

White Wolf Publishing and Guardians of Order are joining forces to publish the A Game of Thrones Roleplaying Game based on the A Song of Ice and Fire fantasy novel series by George R.R. Martin. White Wolf will publish and distribute the game under its Sword & Sorcery imprint, while Guardians of Order will be in charge of creation and design. The A Game of Thrones RPG will be available in hobby and bookstores in the fall of 2005 in time for the release of A Feast for Crows, the fourth volume in Martin's series.

The new RPG will be available in two different editions, a deluxe 576-page Limited Edition (msrp $99.95) in September and 496-page Standard Edition ($49.95) in October. Both editions will be printed in full color on premium quality paper with high quality hardcover bindings and a poster-size color pull-out map of the continent of Westeros.

I liked the first book; didn't care for the second and decided to stop there. I don't think I'll be interested in the RPG, but the series presents an interesting world. I might be able to mine it for ideas. And Liz liked the books much more than I did... Hmmm.

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Matt Haffner Jun 15, 2005

Stopped at #2?! NO! Seriously, #3 is the jaw-dropper... over and over again.

That being said, I personally haven't ever liked the "let's convert successful movie/book/game world into RPG setting!" idea. Warcraft (er, now World of Warcraft) d20 has been the latest ick! for me. Many of them might even be good, but I just can't get past the trans-media aspect for some reason.

Josh Jun 16, 2005

Yup. See: 1,000 Pages of Eye-Strain.

Josh Jul 5, 2005

Re-worked the blog this weekend, some links are broken now. That should be: "1,000 Pages of Eye-Strain".

Carry on.