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Halloween Photo / AJAX Comments

Parmeter's Birthday/Wedding Rehearsal Dinner fell on Halloween, so - of course - it was a costume party. Josh dressed up as Clark Kent (mid-costume change) and Liz went as a Tolkien-esque Elf.

In Other News:

The comments section of this blog is now AJAX-ified. This means that you can make comments without leaving the page. It sounds strange, but I think it's pretty cool. Try it out!

If you spot any bugs, let me know.

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Chris Dolan Nov 14, 2005

Interesting that you added AJAX today. Just today I discovered that is using a fancy new AJAX-enabled version of the software.

Yours is fancy, fancy! Wordpress still lacks comment previews by default, which is quite lame.


Joshua Nov 14, 2005

Actually, comment previews were a major motivation. It's a long story, but basically, AJAX-ing the previews allows me to use the individual author's comment styling (#1 Not that there are multiple authors here, yet; Liz wants to, but hasn't had time to. #2 Not that this is really a good reason, it's an excuse really. The old commenting system should have worked better than it did.)

Doug Miller Nov 24, 2005

Happy Thanksgiving Josh!

I found you by Googleing so you must have a link on your resume or something.

We are all doing great at the big D. But boy, have things changed! We have 2 new artists helping me out with design. That's becasue we now have so much more to do. They finally saw the light and we are going free on Jan. 1!

We are really getting in web standards design with all of our sites. Our new web development guy is a genius, like you, and is creating a new code-base for all of our sites so we can quickly develop all using a common set of features and structure. Full of AJAX! We will be bringing the TV station back in-house in the spring, so we needed something that would take care of them and at the same time let us all easily share the same features.

It's great to see that you are doing well! Nice little blog site. Keep it up and keep in touch!