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The Custom AU/AE Spellbook on Rails

So... Disclaimer: I'm a geek. My particular flavor of geekness includes gaming and building Web sites. I'm a fan (though in diminishing magnitude) of Monte Cook's Arcana Unearthed/Evolved (AU) variant rules for D&D.

Part of the "cool" factor with AU is that individual spellcasters can be very customized. Spells are broken out by level into Simple, Complex and Exotic. Spellcasters start out with all Simple spells at their level, and gain access to the others by class, or by feats.

For example, a character might become a "Fire Mage", and gain access to spells with the "[Fire]" descriptor. Or, a character might choose the "Complex Spells: Level 2" feat, and gain access to all Complex spells at level 2. Or , a character might take both, gaining access to Complex spells at level 2 and Exotic [Fire] spells at level 2.

The downside to customization is complexity. As the environment for the game has grown, it becomes more complicated for players to maintain a mental map of spells they have access to at which levels.

Or, at least, it did for me.

So, ages upon ages ago, I built the first "AU Custom Spellbook Generator", in PHP & MySQL. It was a fairly simple set-up: Set your class, level, and choose a few feats, and it'll give you a list of spells you know.

Over about a year - while playing AU spellcaster(s) in a Forgotten Realms campaign - the little program grew more complicated, to the point where it was rather painful to maintain.

A few months ago, around the time that Monte released the newest collection of spells for AU, I decided it was time to update the ol' site. This time, I wanted to re-write the whole thing from scratch in Rails.

And (approximately) today, at long last, I'm unveiling the new site.

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Parmeter Apr 11, 2006

You had too much fun with that site. :)

Joel Tone Apr 12, 2006

The site is very impressive. Keep up the good work! Now I really have to learn to work with Ruby on Rails.

Baquies Aug 19, 2009

Are you ever going to bring this thing back to life? I miss it.

Joshua Wehner Aug 20, 2009

It's back!