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An upcoming book by MIT Press focuses on roleplaying games, both digital and tabletop. Here's the table of contents for part I:

I: Tabletop Systems

1) Greg Costikyan: Games, Storytelling, and Breaking the String
2) George R.R. Martin on the Wild Cards novels
3) Erik Mona: From the Basement to the Basic Set: The Early Years of Dungeons & Dragons
4) Kenneth Hite: Narrative Structure and Creative Tension in Call of Cthulhu
5) Keith Herber on "The Haunted House"
6) Jonathan Tweet on character creation in Everway
7) Will Hindmarch: Storytelling Games as a Creative Medium
8) Rebecca Borgstrom: Structure and Meaning in Role-Playing Game Design
9) Paul Czege: My Life with Master: The Architecture of Protagonism
10) James Wallis: Making Games That Make Stories
11) Eric Zimmerman: Creating a Meaning-Machine: The Deck of Stories Called Life in the Garden
12) Eric Lang (with Pat Harrigan): Design Decisions and Concepts in Licensed Collectible Card Games
13) Kevin Wilson: One Story, Many Media
14) Bruno Faidutti on Mystery of the Abbey
15) Kim Newman on Life's Lottery

And that's just part one. There's even a whole Appendix for Puppetland (which has been hard to reach, lately - try here or here for now).


More here

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Joshua Apr 12, 2006

Also more here...

Parmeter Apr 12, 2006

Wooooooooow. 800 pages, 200 illustrations — I hear the call of tiny, tiny fonts on this one. :)

Wonder if it'll be available beyond MIT press.

Joshua Apr 12, 2006

I suspect it'll be available via Amazon, at least. The previous volume (at least, I strongly suspect a relationship - similar authors, directly descendent naming, etc.) is.