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New Apple Campaign - Who's cooler?

So, Apple has a new marketing campaign, which (ostensibly) portrays (Macs|Mac Users) as hip, young punks, and (PCs|PC Users) as square fogeys.


The "young, hip Mac" guy is Justin Long, who played:

  • The geeky fan on Galaxy Quest
  • The geeky student on TV's "Ed"
  • The geeky kid on "Dodgeball"

... seeing a pattern here?

Meanwhile, the "old, fogey-ish PC guy" is a resident expert, deranged millionaire and regular contributor to The Daily Show.

Maybe I'm out of touch with kids these days, but I'd much sooner go to a party with the PC-guy, than with the Mac-kid.

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Parmeter May 2, 2006

Yeah, they seem real keen on the insult angle of advertisement of late. Their "beige box" commercials kinda hit a nerve with me. While I can understand their need to differentiate their brand as an "elite" thing now that they're using the same components that everyone else is going to have or currently does have access to, the commercial came off with more of a condesending tone. I have a feeling that sort of thing is going to be kept up until people start buying the OS to put on those sorts of computers.

Which will happen sooner or later. If winxp can be made to boot on the macbooks (out damn spot!), it is likely that the same program can be analyzed or used to go the opposite direction.

Joshua May 3, 2006

Aside from their educational-angle (which I'm not confident has done so well, lately anyway), all of Apple's marketing has to be to PC users who are fed-up with the experience.

Macs are (frequently) more expensive than PCs, so they can't pull users with price-points. So, it makes sense to me that they are left with undermining the PC-experience as a marketing tactic: they don't have a lot of better options.

I may eat my hat here, but I don't think (Apple-endorsed) OS X will show up on non-Apple PCs anytime soon. I don't see a business reason for Apple to go that route.

Parmeter May 3, 2006

Who said anything about it being an business decision by Apple? :)

If anybody does it, it'll be us computer nerds and hackers. And we'll be doing it to piss off Apple and to show that it can be done. Look at the people who got the bounty for installing XP on the Intel base iMacs. Apple at the point will have to make some sort of decision, cause, well, do they really want to try and support anybody who can install it on their home computer?