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Rant: No "About" Blurb

I'm no longer reading any Web site or blog that doesn't offer an "About Me/Us/This Site" page or section or blurb or something that eludes to the notion that (a) human being(s) made the site for a purpose.

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Reg Braithwaite May 24, 2006

Aaahh... I'm actually moving my own blog in the _other direction_. I've been paring down the "about me" stuff as being irrelevant.

I'm trying to let my words speak for themselves. If someone likes my hobbies and is impressed with my experience, do my ideas really count for more? Or if they disdain the idea of going climbing when I could be coding, does this mean my ideas are any less worthy?

I hope you'll drop by and let me know what you think...

Joshua May 24, 2006

Ah, I suppose I should have distinguished between "sites/blogs" and "articles" - an article is what it is, largely regardless of who wrote it (though that kind of context sometimes changes the meaning of the thing - a critique of the President has a different meaning depending on the political affiliation of the critquer, say).

At the time I wrote this, the proverbial straw that broke the proverbial camel's proverbial back was Gamers with Jobs, a link passed on to me by a friend, which doesn't explain, anywhere, it's own weirdly provocative title. (Though, with a little more time or patience, a little googling came up with this explanation.)

I like your site, by the bye...