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The Casual Gamer Game

From this piece in Wired, by Lore Sjöberg:

Casual Game: The Game

This year, everyone wants to get into the wallet of the casual gamer. Rotund Studios has the game it thinks will finally pull in non-gamers. Casual Game: The Game uses a special wireless-control wand covered with buttons. Using this control, your job is to scan through a large number of audio-visual "entertainment streams" to find the one you enjoy the most.

Once you've picked one, you can control the volume of the audio, the brightness of the screen and, for advanced casual gamers, the tint. Periodically, the entertainment streams are interrupted by advertising streams and your job is to hit the "volume zero" button as quickly as you can, then hit it again to restore the sound once the entertainment stream returns. Rotund Games CEO Skive Amerigan is optimistic: "We really think this will be the game to pull people away from television."

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Parmeter May 18, 2006

Ah! I had wondered what happened to him once Shuttlecocks closed up.

Joshua May 18, 2006

By Moses' beard! I hadn't made the connection...

I'm still quite fond of the Geek Hierarchy. I used it once to illustrate to Liz why we all hate Furries.

Ah... I see my productivity falling off today... Good archives...

Chris Dolan May 18, 2006

Parmeter wrote:

Ah! I had wondered what happened to him once Shuttlecocks closed up.

My thought exactly. I just checked and he has some updates there.

Parmeter May 19, 2006

Bandwidth Theater: Ninja Massage.