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A silly thing: Dogs, kids and grown-ups

I've noticed a funny thing when walking Badger: Kids always talk to the dog, grown-ups always talk to the owner.

Kids: "Hi puppy! Can I pet you? Nice puppy! You're very soft!"

Grown-ups: "Oh, you have a dog! Do you mind if I pet him? Oooh, he's very soft!"

The thing is: When the kids start talking to the dog, I often stand there feeling like an idiot. It's not just that I'm being very effectively left out of the fun, but, on some weird level, there's part of my brain that's like "Well, they're not talking to me."

I'm not saying that I actually expect Badger to reply to questions like "Can I pet you?" But I guess I need to make a more conscious effort to perceive those questions as being directed at me, even when they aren't.

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Parmeter Jun 9, 2006

Two things:
1. Need new pictures! How big is has he gotten in the last couple of months?

2. We are under contract for a house out in Edwardsville, KS. After we get moved in Elizabeth will be recieving a Lab puppy she found through work.