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My 10-Year Post-High-School Self

This weekend was Liz's 10-year high school reunion; my own is in three weeks. For anyone who hasn't heard from me in a few years, here's a broad update:

I went to Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio (standard joke T-shirt: "A tradition of excellence almost as long as our name"). I met Liz the first week of school, but we waited until the last day to have our first "date". I was an RA my sophomore year, which distanced me a bit from the friends I'd made, and mostly just stressed me out. I tried majoring in Electrical Engineering (I really dug the "circuits unit" in high school physics) but failed my first difficult lab.

I spent my junior year in Germany. (I actually went with two separate programs - long story - spending a month in-between living in Cologne, my absolute favorite city anywhere.) I didn't really speak German when I got there (despite classes), but could manage alright by the time I left.

I graduated Case with a BA in Psychology. My senior year, a good friend and freshman-year-dormmate talked me into joining the student paper as a Webmaster - mostly on the basis that I was one of few people at my college that had a Web page. I loved it. Seeing some sort of magical nexus between newspapers & the Web, I applied to a bunch of grad schools in journalism. Got into Ohio State.

After graduation (now accepted into journalism school), I sent a bunch of resumes to local papers. Spent the summer working with the Columbus Dispatch Web team. OSU didn't exactly agree with me, and I wanted to be done with school, so I asked Liz to marry me, and we moved to Madison, Wisconsin, where she was getting her PhD in Astronomy.

In Madison, I eventually got a job at Ultratec, a manufacturer of telecommunications devices for the deaf and hard-of-hearing, as a Webmaster. We had (still have, really) a great group of friends that got together once a week for pizza and D&D.

Liz got her PhD in 2005 and I started my own Web company, Ye Olde Web Shoppe. We moved to Toronto (Canada) and got a dog, Badger.

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