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Christmas update!

I have found a school in Germany for next semester! This means I will be flying back here to Germany in January... With help from CWRU's Study Abroad staff, I was able to find a *really* nice program at Tübingen University, through Antioch College. I'll be studying Psychology there. It sounds like a really good program. With a lot of help from Kaufland's fax machine, I was able to get all my application materials in on time and everything. Very neat. The program sounds really cool.

So, I fly out of Frankfurt International Airport at 8am this Saturday (19 Dec) and arrive in Kansas City International Airport (tired and smelly though I may be) around 5pm the same day. I'm in town for about a dozen days. Elizabeth comes to visit the Wehner clan for New Year's. She flies in on the 30th, and she and I fly out again together on the 2nd of January.

Then, I'll be in Mittweida for January — though I may try to travel a little, I haven't had much of a chance to do that yet. For February, I'm going to a four-week session at the Goethe Institut, a language school for German, as part of the Antioch/Tübingen program. That should either be in Cologne/Köln or Prien. In March, I start the Tübingen Orientation Program, and I actually start classes in April. I still finish classes on the 18th of July, and should be home shortly thereafter.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas, and a happy New Year. For those of you who will be in Kansas City this holiday season, PLEASE stop in for a visit. It would be really great to see you all again. Also, you might get to meet Elizabeth (she's quite swell), and I'll send you away with handfuls of authentic German chocolate. For those of you in Cleveland, it would appear you have conspired to achieve another semester without me, but I *will* be back... eventually.

Merry Christmas!

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