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Monte says he's done (almost)

According to ICv2:

RPG superstar Monte Cook has announced that Ptolus, due for release at GenCon next week, will be his penultimate game project as he makes a transition to writing books. He has one more (to be announced) game project planned, for a company other than his own Malhavoc Press, for release next year.

According to the announcement posted on his Website, Cook feels that the time is right because of the release of Ptolus. "Ptolus, in my mind, rivals 3rd edition itself as the coolest thing I've ever produced," he said. "...I want to go out at the top of my game..., and I feel that I have done so. In spades."

Cook said that he has a novel, a non-fiction book, and other projects to be named later in the pipe. He will continue to write his comic series throughout the rest of the year.

Malhavoc plans to continue to keep its books in print, forums will remain active, and Cook said he will continue to post to the Malhavoc Website.

I liked Arcana Unearthed (a lot), but began to lose interested when they put out Arcana Evolved. Monte's been an interesting figure to watch, because of his initial role in creating D&D 3rd Edition and his willingness (and ability) to criticize it after.

It'll be interesting to see what happens, now.

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Joshua Aug 4, 2006

Ptolus is a giant campaign sourcebook detailing (emphasis on the "detail") one big city. (Link)

It's too rich for my blood, but looks nice, otherwise. They are supposedly laying it out like a travel book, which I think is a good, novel idea.