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Too funny!

Maybe you have to have been working with Ruby for awhile, maybe not, but I have to share:

My new blob

I am at the moment setting up my Unbuntu conputer for Rails - the Rubby language W.W.W. framewok for making W.W.W. sites. Rubby is a great conputer programme language...

I am only learning Rubby. It was written by a Zen man in the Japan who learned it while meditating and it Did Not Repeat on him. His name is Matthew and he makes Rubby to be fun for coders like me and you...

I will let you know how I am getting on as soon as my Unbuntu conputer has the W.W.W installed. I just the cdroms today and I will be onstalling them now soon!

It continues...

Notepads on Linus

This was the war that I have read about on Goggle. The people who have a religion of notepads!

There is a notepad on Linux called Vimacs. The front part is a notepad with a menu called Xmac and the back part (for hard use with Konsole for us haxkcers!) is called Vi which means five.

I have tried Vi and the escape key was under my finger too much. The keyboard nearly broke!

I have also tried Xmac and none of the keys works and I kept getting buffers running all over which is a form of hackxering I was learning in C++. but I do not want it in a notepad...

Other people have told me to exclips but I cannot find it in Gogle and anyway - I am a hacxker and I know that exclips is made from the Javacs platform. I will not use any Javacs platform on my conputer, thanks very munch.

Having worked at a "news paper", this really rang true:

Why blobs are better than newspapers

Blobs are the new news papers.

Why carry around a dead tree when you can carry around a conputer?

I think the future is blobs being written in France and read in Mongoliar by yak herders.

I stayed in a yurt once and it had wireless broad band! The people used it to tell the space satellite to move the cattle and track them. It worked with microwaves like an oven (water molecules bouncing heat into the stratosphere to the space satellite by boiling)

This is why blobs are great. I can sit in my yurt and drink yak milk while writing my blob. Where would I find a dead tree news paper in the Gobi dessert? I rest my cases.

(Was "noose paper" too obvious?)

Rubby Links on the W.W. w.

Here are some links that you can hover to on the W. W.W . to find out more about Rubby and the Rubby on Rails (rOr)...


This is the man who invented Rails. I forget his name, but he uses his initials for his name - DDT. DDT is so clever he is Danish. He invented Rails in a week and then went to live in America with other Rubby programmers. He believes in software Having Opinions which means that Rails knows what it likes and will not work for you if it disagrees with you. I think he is great. He fights with Javac programmers all the time. He always wins though because Javac programmers are Very Slow and he is Agile. Because Rubby was invented by Zen in Japan all Rubby programmers are good at martian arts and can Kick Ass if Javacs show up. I am just learnding how to do this!


These are the Really Important Programmers who make Rails appslications that run the W.W.W. They fight with the Javacs all the time and even though they are basicaly Camp this does not mean they do not kick ass! They have a religion that is called 'Getting Real' that costs 20 dollars and is based on Zen (like Rubby). I am going to buy this religion when I make my money with Rails. DDT lives with them now in one of their houses (they have three houses and move between cities - this is part of the Getting Real religion) Their name is because Aliens left 37 messages (sigils) on the bosses phone one day. He is called Jason Freud and he is not Danish.

(Please note I am not gay even though I like Camp) might still be available...


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