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Babies vs. Roommates

The way I figure it, having a baby is like having the worst roommate ever, for 18 years. And you can't get rid of them.

Think about it! What would you do if you had a roommate that kept you up all night screaming at you, made 90% of the mess and did none of the cleaning, paid none of the rent, none of the utilities, did none of the cooking yet ate all your food, literally lay around in their own filth most of the time, and expects you to buy them clothes and drive them everywhere they want to go (cause they don't have a car or a license).

Seriously? Would anyone keep a roommate like that?

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Joshua Aug 31, 2006

No, not a hint at all.

We still get the occasional parent pressure, I'm trying out a new deflector.

So, yeah, just random. I think it popped into my head sometime after my reunion.

Chris Dolan Aug 31, 2006
Would anyone keep a roommate like that?

Yes, especially if you knew you'd go to jail for kicking out that roommate. :-)

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