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Beam me up, Scotty!

Behold: what should be my last message from Germany follows!

Howdy, all! My telephone will be disconnected Tuesday, I should be packed long before then, and the train leaves town around 6:30am next Sunday.

That's right, I'm leavin'. With Tuesday's disconnection right around the corner, I thought I'd write and let ya'll know.

Um, I've been *really* quiet this semester. My life settled down appreciably, and life in Germany gradually became sort of normal. Very few mysteries faced me this semester, hence, few emails from me were to be had.

Although you're probably curious, I really can't say how "successful" this year has been from an academic perspective. I don't know yet. I don't know if anyone knows yet. I've taken only three classes this semester. For one, I had to take a test. The Professor is mailing me my grade at the end of July. For another, I have to write a paper. I probably should be doing that *now*, but it'll get done soon-ish. For the third, I have to write a paper, but because that Professor is going out of town, she wants me to wait until I get back to the States, and then we'll work it out over email. Yes, this was her idea.

My semester is over. I've had fun at times, but most of the time I'm really lonesome. Moving at semester meant meeting a whole new group of people, and its taken most of the semester for them (and me!) to overcome that initial awkwardness and start to have real conversation. As such, just barely a week from leaving, I'm ready to be home.

There are plenty of things I'll miss. I'll miss the lifestyle. As a student here, I've felt more respected, more "grown-up", and more a part of the world. I've enjoyed living in an apartment instead of a "dorm". I'm surprised to find I enjoy cooking. I'll miss the food here, a lot. I'll miss the pretzels, ice-cream (its really good here), pizza, and bratwurst (of course!).

There are things I won't miss, though. I've never quite figured out the businesses here. I won't miss the telephone company or those crazy "customer machines" in the bank. I won't miss the "de-centralized registration" process at the university. I won't miss my neighborhood — they're putting in a new road or something, and finding a way out is like solving some schizophrenic puzzle.

And these are just the short lists — what's on top of my noggin' — but I know there's more.

Next week, the process of leaving starts in earnest. De-registering with the immigration office, withdrawing from the school, and packing everything up. There's a train leaving for Frankfurt at 06:37 next Sunday. My plane leaves around 1pm. I've already got a job for the summer in KC, starting the Tuesday after I get back.

As things look now, I should be in Kansas City until about 14 August or so. Then, its back up to CWRU. Next year, thanks to Travis, I'm living in Tyler 211, north side of campus, in a "large single". And, in some strange way, I'm really looking forward to it.

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