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It's a circus

A few weeks ago, our air conditioning was on the fritz. We put in a request with management, and found out that the unit had rusted out in the winter and needing to be replaced. A few days after that, Harvey (our friendly neighborhood air conditioning system repairman) had us a working air conditioning system once again.

Yesterday, when I got back from lunch, I found a new message on the machine from Harvey, asking what would be a good time for him to come out and fix the air conditioning. I decided to ignore the message for the time being, and got back to work.

About twenty minutes later, another guy from the management office rings the doorbell. Says he was sent here to look at our broken air conditioner. I tell him the air conditioner was on the fritz a few weeks back, but has been fine for awhile.

He radios in, and it turns out that the landscaping guys hacked up the air conditioner earlier in the day, and no one had (explicitly) told us about it. However, they'd been nice enough to go ahead and call it in.

So I call Harvey back, and he comes back out to fix the air conditioner again.

Later that night, the phone rings, and the guy says, "Yeah, the management sent me this work order about a crack in the basement, so I'm trying to set up a time to come and look at it?" After a few minutes of dialogue, we've got him scheduled to come by at 9am, and he says, "And, just confirming, is your address 123 Elm Str?"

No. That's not our address at all. So, wrong number. Of course, I normally would have said something, much earlier, like "But we don't have a leak in our basement", but it had just been that kind of day.

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