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Gimme Leopard already!

I’m starting to get extremely anxious for Apple to release Leopard, mostly because I want Spaces – Apple’s virtual desktop offering, new & unique to Leopard.

Not long ago, Liz got me hooked on virtual desktops with CodeTek’s Virtual Desktop Pro. It’s not the prettiest software, but it worked reliably, and had all kinds of bells and whistles.

However, CodeTek haven’t released an Intel or Universal version of the software, so it’s no-go on my MacBook. I’ve been using VirtueDesktops, but it’s buggy, crash-prone and no longer being maintained.

Since Apple announced that Leopard would include Spaces at WWDC 2006 last August, it seems to have killed the momentum on these third-party tools.

Then Leopard was been delayed until “October”… Well, it’s October. Gimme Spaces already!

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