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Arguing the facts of the case

I've received a number of wrong numbers lately (moving always does this), but lately, the callers have begun to argue with me about the validity of their dialage. Something like:

Them: Hi, do you have Halo?
Me: I'm sorry, but you have the wrong number.
Them: Is this <reads me my phone number>?
Me: Yes, it is.
Them: That's what I thought! So, how much is Halo?
Me: Um, you still have the wrong number.
Them: But it says right here in the phonebook <reads me my phone number>, and you just said this was <reads me my phone number>, right?
Me: Yes, but you still have the wrong phone number.
Them: I don't think so, I mean, it says right here ...
Me: Look, with all due respect, it's not really my problem any more. Good bye!

Do these people think they can convince me that I am, in fact, the place they think they're calling by some sort of telephonic invocation? Or, maybe that I really am Bob's Game Shack, pulling some kind of practical joke?

Have they never encountered a typo before in the holy book of bell?

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