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Cable News

Summarizing Liz Cox Barrett's summary of the State of the News Media report from the Project for Excellence in Journalism:

Money spent on reporting (2006)
  • CNN: $273 million
  • Fox News: $266 million
  • MSNBC: $145 million (it's presumed that they get a discount on recycled NBC news)
Last year's #1 topic
  • CNN: U.S. foreign policy
  • Fox News: Crime
  • MSNBC: U.S. Politics
Topical focus
  • CNN: Spread among a range of topics
  • Fox News: Crime, celebrity and "the media"
  • MSNBC: Washington D.C., "the campaign" and political scandal
The frightening summary

"Evidence suggests programming built around a cast of hosts, often but not always the edgiest of cable personalities, were at the core of the [audience] growth."

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