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I'm drooling over the new MacBooks Apple announced this week. I've wanted to upgrade my MacBook to a MacBook Pro for some time (every time I run rspec or try to watch video on YouTube, the fan turns the box into a miniature jet engine) but I've been semi-patiently waiting for the long-rumored updates. (Of course, now that they're here, I'll have to drool a little longer, as the internal CFO isn't ready to sign off on a major expenditure just now.)

Anyway, have you seen this video, touting the new "unibody" construction process? It's gorgeous. Who does this? Complain about Apple if you want to, but you have to, at least, acknowledge that no other company produces such lavish marketing. (Unless that's what Microsoft's silly Seinfeld ads were trying for? If so, they missed by 1.6 kilometers. I guess Google's 'Chrome' comic comes close, though it has a different feel.)

I'm not even sure who this is targeting. It's like a little short film about industrial manufacturing. It's way too long for a TV ad, probably even for YouTube. You have to go out of your way to find it on their site.

I just wish there were more companies who's marketing competed on this level.

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