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Moving bits

Standing in our new flat, looking south-east

Shower spray

When we inspected the new flat, along with the building management, we noticed spots of water hanging on the ceiling in the bathroom. “Must be something upstairs from us,” we said. “I’ll have maintenance look into it,” they said.

Maintenance came, a day later, but by then, the water was gone, nothing to do.

The next day, I went to take a shower, and discovered the source of the problem. When the shower was running, an arc of water shot out at a right angle, with enough force to splatter the wall on the opposite side of the room (roughly 2m away). It was a ridiculous amount of water, shorting out two lights on the vanity mirror. If it weren’t mounted in our bathroom, it’d make a fantastic squirt gun on a summer day.

We figure the previous tenant must have had their own, upgraded shower head, and returned the original on their last day, though I can’t imagine how they failed to notice the leak.

Badger likes sleeping in the closet

When I was a kid, our family dog, Rubee, always wanted to sleep in the warm beam of sunlight. Our dog, Badger, is as opposite of that as can be: his favorite places are under beds, and now, inside the coat closet.

We don’t put him in there, he goes in on his own. Lately, when we can’t easily find him, we check the closet first.

He must be descended from some sort of cave-dog.

Dutch beer is popular over here

Inexplicably, Dutch beer is everywhere I look: there are a half-dozen large billboards advertising Grolsch, Heineken, Amsterdam, and a few steps from our new flat we found this:

In my time in Utrecht, I only rarely saw anyone voluntarily (forget excitedly) drinking Dutch beer — Belgian beer is that much better.

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