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Four decades, five places

In a few weeks, I will turn 40. This year, I have found myself thinking a lot about where I’ve been.

My first birthday (year “0”, if you insist) happened in Dayton, Ohio:

By the time I turned 10, my family was living in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. I vaguely remember having a party in a Putt-Putt mini-golf-slash-arcade, but that might have been age 11 or even 12?

I turned 20 when I studying in Germany, at a technical school in a small village called Mittweida, near Chemnitz and Dresden:

My 30th birthday happened when I was living in city of Utrecht, in the Netherlands:

And, now I live in Minneapolis, Minnesota:

I’ve moved a lot, and lived in a bunch of interesting places, and I’m weirdly proud that this decades slice of my life captures this well. It’s not even all the places I’ve lived (whole countries are missing!) but, still.

Growing old is weird (but “better than the alternative”, heh).

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