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Respect the Designer

From Jason Santa Maria's blog:

Do you ever wonder why designers have trouble gaining respect while helping clients understand the importance of their services? It's this mentality (from the LogoYes site):

In just a few minutes, you can build an original logo without the costly, time-consuming process of working with a graphic designer (who must guess what you'll like).

Yes. We are designers, we are guessers. I spent years in school learning about design history, theory, promotional ideas and creative thinking to sit back and blindly throw darts at a wall. I mean, as far as a client is concerned, they probably think we smack something together like you can on LogoYes.

Yeesh. I see this all the time. Unfortunately, sometimes even within companies I've worked for. Web design is just as bad — if not, in fact, worse — people expect "Web site in a box! Now with e-shopping add-on!"

Somedays, it really really makes me wanna quit. Just shove off and forget the whole thing ever happened. It's that bad.

Oh well.

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Parmeter Feb 14, 2005

Yeah. I know a few execs who think like that. Unfortuantly for you and many others, companies like IT! do have that magical "Website inabox with eMoney add-on!"(*). The only problem is that most of the time due to whatever human fraility you want to blame, my personal favorite is greed, they miss that nice little "(*)" part and don't ask questions.

Any time you get into these creative areas you end up with as many or fewer people who do it becuase they are good and can as you do husksters who just want you cash and disapear. As a good example, did you catch that bit on slashdot about the sculpture in Chicago? Not allowed to take a picture of something in a public area becuase the "artist" is worried about copyright? I have a hard time believing that the "artist" isn't anything more than a scammer of some breed or another as there is plenty of caselaw which says otherwise.

Parmeter Feb 28, 2005

Hey. If you haven't seen it yet:

Supposed to be in Madison. Might be worth while to check it out.