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We're neck-deep in re-working the corporate site now. Mucho fun! I sent initial Photoshop sketches off to the boss today, got some notes back, and now we're just fine-tuning before moving on to HTML-ization. Wheee!

There've been days where I suspected this project would never get off the ground. This is one of those projects being driven more by CEO fiat than real need. Which isn't really to say that there's no need at all, just that that's not what's driving it.


World of Warcraft is a blast. I have a level 15 Night Elf Ranger on Terenas. Liz and I get in a few hours here and there during the week, and a good chunk of time on the weekend. I'm impressed by how much I feel like I can accomplish in just a short session, yet still feel like the game has more depth beyond. Although I do feel like the grind is setting in a bit, it's not as bad as it was by this time in City of Heroes.

At the table-top, my little AU campaign is dying down. I had fun; I need a little break. Need to sit on the other side of the screen for awhile, let my creative spirit rejuvenate. I'm still not a huge d20 fan, running the campaign has made that more certain, but, Liz and I have really enjoyed the experience, overall. I haven't really done this much gaming since I was a wee high-schooler, so, it's a blast.


Cold. Snowy. Icky. Had a nice weekend once, but it's long gone now. Sigh...

Liz was sick this week. Terrible headache, sore throat. I'm doing okay, thanks.


I meant to blog more of this, I did.

I read Joe Sacco's Palestine over Christmas, along with Marjane Satrapi's Persepolis (I & II). Mind-blowing stuff. Palestine isn't as "pretty" as Safe Area Gorazde was (my previous Sacco exposure), but it serves him well, I think: it aids his approach to the grittier, seemier underbelly of these political quagmires.

Persepolis is much better after having read book 2, than I thought it was after finishing just the first. It's not that the first is too much set-up (it's not that at all), it's more that book 1 seems to want to cast blame/take credit for the revolution and it's fallout, and book 2 is more personal, less grandly political.

I'm currently working on Martin's Fire and Ice series. I'm still on A Game of Thrones. I have too many distractions, I suppose.


Got on a Weird Al kick. Poodle Hat is good, one of his better albums. I bought a bunch of old albums on eBay, to fill out the collection of goofy Weird Al polkas. Some gems, but a mixed batch. Apparently, Al put out his first four albums in four years, and I think I can hear the difference in his creativity when he takes a bit of a break between albums.

Still, I can't wait for him to do some Lord of the Rings song.


I put Gentoo on an old B&W G3 at work, to serve as a departmental file-server. I really enjoyed Gentoo, even if it's somewhat slow. I had a decent working Linux in about a day (left it going overnight twice, I think) and it took a weekend session to get Gnome on it. The great thing about Gentoo, is their focus on making choices and doing things yourself. I probably learned more about Linux in the week of working with Gentoo, than I had in 5+ years prior. (Though, I doubt I'd have made it through the install without those years of experience to help me get over the rought spots. And there were rought spots.)

Teaching myself Ruby/Rails. I like Ruby, and that's the main reason for putting myself through this, but I have mixed feelings about Rails. I might need to make a separate post out of that, though.

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