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CWRU, 1999

On January 1, 2000, I was in Florida, with Liz and her family. We’d only been back from our year in Europe – her in England, me in various …

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I wonder if some of the reason that there are so many Climate Change Skeptics in North America has to do with the overall temperature here being kinda coldish.

I mean, if you asked most North Americans how they'd like the temperature if it were a couple …

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Language filter

One of the spoiling things about living for two years where you don't fluently speak the local language, is that the range of external communication you can safely ignore expands dramatically. In fact, my brain's ability to filter irrelevant conversations …

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Moving bits

Standing in our new flat, looking south-east

Shower spray

When we inspected the new flat, along with the building management, we noticed spots of water …

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