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Of pigs and lipstick

NPR has a great overview of the current scandal/gate/tempest-in-a-teapot brewing in US politics. Hearing more of Obama's speech, it's clear that the "pig" comment refers to his "that's not change" riff. Out of context, I guess it's easier to associate …

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It's the economy, stupid

Hidden in the intro to this BusinessWeek article — ostensibly about the health-care industry — is an jaw-dropping nugget of information. See if you find it:

If you really want to understand what makes the U.S. economy tick these days …

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An All-White Elephant

This is an excellent, surprisingly well-linked, op-ed by the NY Times' Frank Rich on race issues in this year's US election. I particularly like this quote:

If we're to judge black candidates on their most controversial associates — and how quickly …

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It's a cliche, but...

Today is Canada Day, the Canadian answer to the 4th of July in the US. (I still occasionally get friends or relatives in the states asking me if they have the 4th of July in Canada. Yes? No? Not exactly? Still not sure how to answer that one...)

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Sam Brownback Is an Idiot

Sam Brownback, Republican Presidential candidate extraordinaire, tries to explain why he wants to have his cake and eat it, too... Er, I mean, does and doesn't believe in evolution.

I mean, it all started out so well:

The scientific method, based on reason …

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