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I'm drooling over the new MacBooks Apple announced this week. I've wanted to upgrade my MacBook to a MacBook Pro for some time (every time I run rspec or try to watch video on YouTube, the fan turns the box into a miniature jet engine) but I've been …

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Three cheers for Time Machine!

A few weeks ago, I discovered (via Disk Utility) that my laptop's hard drive was failing. Modern hard drives have a standardized reporting system (called S.M.A.R.T.) that produces reasonably early warnings about this sort of thing. (I wish Apple made …

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Safari vs. Safari: label

Prior to version 3 (now out of beta in Leopard), Safari was one of few mainstream browsers that didn't do anything when the user clicked on a HTML input elements label text.

Most browsers treat a label-click as an element-click – that is, they …

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Gimme Leopard already!

I’m starting to get extremely anxious for Apple to release Leopard, mostly because I want Spaces – Apple’s virtual desktop offering …

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Scarred for life

Until about six years ago, I was mostly a PC/Windows/OS/2/Linux kinda guy. Around that point, I got an all-Mac job, and gradually came to see the Mac as the perfect Web development platform.

Replacing the PCs at home has taken longer, but about a month …

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I want my iTV

This week, Apple announced a slew of new offerings: updated iTunes, including movies for sale, and a new vaporwarehardware product, called iTV.

Just a sliver shy of a year ago, Apple held a similar event, where they announced the video iPods and unveiled …

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Screenshots to the clipboard in Mac OSX

In Mac OSX you can take a screenshot that will be saved directly to your clipboard.

ctrl-shift-cmd-4 will change your cursor to a cross-hair. Drag to select a region of the screen. When you finish dragging, the image data will be saved to your clipboard …

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