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The end of "Opus" interviews Berkley Breathed about the end of his long-running, oft-revived cartoon character & strip. I thought this quote was touching, in a melancholy sort of way:

The very, absolute last comic strip characters destined to become true …

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Make Mine Something Else

Marvel comics is suing NCSoft over their City of Heroes game. Because this seems like an extremely frivolous lawsuit to me (the grounds are that it allows players to duplicate their trademarks — what's next, Crayola?) I'm boycotting Marvel comics …

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Currently reading: More comics!

Still working through a batch of comics I picked up at the library recently...

The Authority: Relentless

Back when I had a regular "pull" at the local comic shop (roughly three cities ago), The Authority frequently caught my eye. But I could never figure …

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Currently Reading: Comics!

I picked up a bunch of comics at the library the other day, and read through a bunch of them yesterday.

The Astonishing X-Men Vol 1: Gifted

I used to really like the X-Men (Claremont era, the Evolution cartoon, etc.), and have been on a Whedon kick lately …

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Truth, Justice... and all that stuff

We saw the new Superman movie over the weekend. It was... okay. Maybe not even that good.

Now, the disclaimer here, should probably be that I've never really been a fan of Superman, or Batman, for that matter. I have fond, childhood-tinged memories of …

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