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Geeking out (part 2)

More on the changes to D&D in 4th edition:

Dungeon Master's Guide

  • The 4th edition Dungeon Master's Guide takes it's name literally: it's genuinely full of extremely practical advice for actually running a game.
  • Page 42 is the best new thing in 4th …

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Geeking out (part 1)

Magical d20 by kirk lau

So, there's a new version of Dungeons & Dragons out, just released a few weeks ago. I got the new 4th Edition D&D books this week, and I'm reading them at a rapid pace. I'm trying to keep track of things that have changed …

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Review: Arcana Unearthed

So... having read and/or skimmed through this over the weekend, I thought I'd put up a synopsis and/review.

Also, I've tried to present new or different information than what you can get from the Web site, or at least coalesce a few salient details that …

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Places to Go, People to Be

(Or: How I Spent My Summer Vacation, volume 2006)

This year, our "big summer vacation" incorporated both our families, the Dublin Irish Festival, GenCon, and both Liz & my high school reunions (we went to different schools - in different …

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Monte says he's done (almost)

According to ICv2:

RPG superstar Monte Cook has announced that Ptolus, due for release at GenCon next week, will be his penultimate game project as he makes a transition to writing books. He has one more (to be announced) game project planned, for a …

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The Custom AU/AE Spellbook on Rails

So... Disclaimer: I'm a geek. My particular flavor of geekness includes gaming and building Web sites. I'm a fan (though in diminishing magnitude) of Monte Cook's Arcana Unearthed/Evolved (AU) variant rules for D&D.

Part of the "cool" factor with …

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I Already Miss the Klingons

Liz + Batman
Liz + Batman

We just got back from GenCon . Here's my rapid-fire report on the goings-ons:

  • We 'spontaneously' decided to go at the last minute on Wednesday night. Originally, nothing was supposed to happen that weekend, but we weren't sure where …

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A Game of Thrones: The RPG

From ICv2:

White Wolf Publishing and Guardians of Order are joining forces to publish the A Game of Thrones Roleplaying Game based on the A Song of Ice and Fire fantasy novel series by George R.R. Martin. White Wolf will publish and distribute the game …

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Little updates...


We're neck-deep in re-working the corporate site now. Mucho fun! I sent initial Photoshop sketches off to the boss today, got some notes back, and now we're just fine-tuning before moving on to HTML-ization. Wheee!

There've been days where I …

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