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Signs of the Times

The NYT has a great article on typography for American roadways. Basically, signs are hard to read because, well:

The letter shapes of Highway Gothic weren't ever tested, having never really been designed in the first place. "I's very American in that …

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Web Design World Buzz

Ruby on Rails

The Web world has gone nuts for Rails.

I'm somewhere between early adopters and early majority (?) on this one, I've been working with Rails since just before the first Slashdot article on it (which was just a mirror for the ONLamp article) …

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How to build a better web browser

Scott Berkun discusses building browsers:

Web browsers are funny things

Some friends and I were just discussing browsers and email clients last night (just Firefox/ThunderBird/Mozilla/Safari, really) so... I guess, I'm ready. Bring it on.

There is a reason …

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Apartment Hunting on the Web

I've been looking at a number of Apartment Search-type Web sites lately and it's been a rather frustrating experience. Since I build Web sites for a living, I have a high standard when I visit others. While I don't particularly want to name any names …

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SJGames: "Big books, clockwerk, feh"

I can't quite put my finger on why, but I love this quote from SJGames Daily Illuminator. I like hearing these insights into the way things get made.

Plus, there's something deeply honest and forthright about it; I can see this really being an issue …

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Hands down: Worst Web site ever

I ended up clicking the Help button. This opened a new browser window which displayed a PDF (the bane of my existance!) The PDF was 49 pages long! Lacking other options I started reading it and gave up in the first paragraph when I read this:

Thank you …

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Daring Fireball: The Fish Rots From the Head

I like John Gruber's stuff, and I think his take on the Adobe-Macromedia merger is spot-on. In a recent rant/tirade/essay, he expands on the differences between companies run by "sales guys" and "technology guys":

Rather than expand into untapped creative …

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Respect the Designer

From Jason Santa Maria's blog:

Do you ever wonder why designers have trouble gaining respect while helping clients understand the importance of their services? It's this mentality (from the LogoYes site):

In just a few minutes, you can build an original …

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