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Beam me up, Scotty!

Behold: what should be my last message from Germany follows!

Howdy, all! My telephone will be disconnected Tuesday, I should be packed long before then, and the train leaves town around 6:30am next Sunday.

That's right, I'm leavin'. With Tuesday's disconnection …

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A long, long, long story

For those of you who have puzzled at the relatively emptiness you've may have been feeling in your inboxes these last (gasp!) nearly FOUR months, for those among you who have missed the irregular ramblings of one very lost and confused exchange student …

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Christmas update!

I have found a school in Germany for next semester! This means I will be flying back here to Germany in January... With help from CWRU's Study Abroad staff, I was able to find a *really* nice program at Tübingen University, through Antioch College …

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Ah... that makes more sense, now

I talked to my roommate, Stefan, last night while I was washing dishes. I didn't say anything at first, but he started right in with, "Wasn't that SO cool!?" To which I had to reply, "It was... interesting. What was that?"

He says, "The banging and yelling …

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Well... that was different.

I got up this morning a little before 6am. That's not so unusual. I was planning to get up around 6:15am, so it is a little early, but the concern here is the manner in which I awoke.

I was awakened by a parade.

At 6am this morning, a parade of - what …

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The next phase...

Well, for those of you who have been following along, things are going a little better. A couple more emails passed between GE3 and myself, and they are working with me now. It was a total turn-around, and things are moving along now. I also had my meeting …

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Quick update: I have to leave now.

Okay, I originally thought I'd be writing everyone a nice, boring paragraph or five about differences between education systems German and American, but that's being scrapped and pushed back to day when I have more time. This is just going to be a quick …

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