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Language filter

One of the spoiling things about living for two years where you don't fluently speak the local language, is that the range of external communication you can safely ignore expands dramatically. In fact, my brain's ability to filter irrelevant conversations …

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It's a circus

A few weeks ago, our air conditioning was on the fritz. We put in a request with management, and found out that the unit had rusted out in the winter and needing to be replaced. A few days after that, Harvey (our friendly neighborhood air conditioning …

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Elmo Want to Kill You

Sesame Street's Elmo has new book, Potty Time with Elmo. But the book is scaring some toddlers, and their parents. The book has a computer chip that spices-up the story with comments from the beloved muppet. Elmo is supposed to say: Uh-oh! Who has to …

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Babies vs. Roommates

The way I figure it, having a baby is like having the worst roommate ever, for 18 years. And you can't get rid of them.

Think about it! What would you do if you had a roommate that kept you up all night screaming at you, made 90% of the mess and did none …

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Too funny!

Maybe you have to have been working with Ruby for awhile, maybe not, but I have to share:

My new blob

I am at the moment setting up my Unbuntu conputer for Rails - the Rubby language W.W.W. framewok for making W.W.W. sites. Rubby is a great conputer …

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The Casual Gamer Game

From this piece in Wired, by Lore Sjöberg:

Casual Game: The Game

This year, everyone wants to get into the wallet of the casual gamer. Rotund Studios has the game it thinks will finally pull in non-gamers. Casual Game: The Game uses a special wireless-control …

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Attack of the pink and cuddlies

I think it's a weird coincidence that - for geeks, anyway - this year's April Fool's Holiday seems to have a "I wanna pony" theme.

There was also Google Romance - at least, I think that's a gag site. Maybe it's not a "ponies" theme …

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