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Dog bites man, indeed

Some things should be, on the contrary, celebrated for their very groundedness and averageness and relatability. Human interest stories — when they're of true human interest (rather than the products of cable's attempts to sensationalize the serious …

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How we identify

Matt Bors points out that political cartoons are frequently described, maybe attributed to a paper, but rarely to an author.

It may seem like a small gripe, but this is routinely how cartoons are referenced in the media. You would never quote a brilliant …

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The end of "Opus" interviews Berkley Breathed about the end of his long-running, oft-revived cartoon character & strip. I thought this quote was touching, in a melancholy sort of way:

The very, absolute last comic strip characters destined to become true …

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The Food Issue

Michael Pollan, author of the very well-written The Omnivore's Dilemna, has penned a timely and flat-out brilliant op-ed for the NYT. Though a tad long-ish, the whole thing is well worth reading.

This, in brief, is the bad news: the food and agriculture …

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