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1,000 True Fans, give or take a few

Kevin Kelly has an interesting take on the challenges of being an artistic type in the modern, hyper-digital era:

Other than aim for a blockbuster hit, what can an artist do to escape the long tail?

One solution is to find 1,000 True Fans. While some artists …

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I wonder...

… how many conservative chatterboxes have actually heard Pelosi's "hyper-partisan" speech (transcript, video). Maybe hyper-partisan speech is, like, subliminal, or something, but I don't see anything here to get all offended over. In her

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Configuring a Windows server

I quite enjoyed reading Brent Ashley's description of his travails when trying to set up a Windows server

When I finally get through a marathon session of setting up a Windows server “just so” to make my application work, it's like I have …

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We're going bananas over here!

Somewhat literally:

Thousands of bananas have been washed up on two Dutch islands in the North Sea after several containers fell off a cargo ship in a storm, officials say.

They say beaches on Terschelling and Ameland islands were littered with bunches …

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Peter Sagal on 'More'

This is an excellent essay by "Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me!" host Peter Sagal on some disturbing trends in the evolving "American dream":

The American dream is constantly evolving. Fifty years ago, folks wanted a house with a white picket fence. Now, it's …

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Signs of the Times

The NYT has a great article on typography for American roadways. Basically, signs are hard to read because, well:

The letter shapes of Highway Gothic weren't ever tested, having never really been designed in the first place. "I's very American in that …

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Nerdcore in the NYT

The New York Times has a spiffy article on Nerdcore Hip-Hop:

It could have been any other hip-hop show, but little details seemed off, like the songs that sampled the epically cheesy rock band REO Speedwagon, or that name-checked detritus from 1980s-era …

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Thinking Outside the Sphere

Greg Costikyan has a few proposals on global climate change:

Screw this penny-ante stuff. The likelihood of our being able to dramatically reduce carbon emissions in the short term is nonexistent, particularly given the Chinese.…

Obviously, he's …

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Stupid Windows

Stumbled across this gem tonight:

In an article written by Infoworld's Roger Grimes, he describes a "feature" in Windows that allowed me to run an executable file by simply typing a Web address into Internet Explorer.

Test it yourself:

  • Right click …

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