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I'm drooling over the new MacBooks Apple announced this week. I've wanted to upgrade my MacBook to a MacBook Pro for some time (every time I run rspec or try to watch video on YouTube, the fan turns the box into a miniature jet engine) but I've been …

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CaseCamp - a marketing-themed BarCamp spin-off - inaugurated itself last night in Toronto. I got there stupidly late (thank you, public transport) but seem not to have missed much.

There's an excellent summary here. I found the case presented by Eli and …

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Tonight we're gonna party like it's 1899

The deathly serious (or is it deathly bored?) looks on the Amish guys' faces. The fact that one of them wears a yellow wrestling helmet while the other sports a royal-blue headband. The incongruously hard-edged rock on the soundtrack. The Pegasus-like …

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An Unexpected Down-side

So, I've just discovered an unexpected down-side to the move to Canada: This country lacks good Super Bowl Ads.

The Super Bowl airs here. But without the ads.

Well, most of the ads.

Just not all of them.

Thank you Google Video, although - GM's "Maize Alternative" …

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