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We're going bananas over here!

Somewhat literally:

Thousands of bananas have been washed up on two Dutch islands in the North Sea after several containers fell off a cargo ship in a storm, officials say.

They say beaches on Terschelling and Ameland islands were littered with bunches …

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The "Quest"

So, while living in Germany I experienced the joys of the modern global marketing machine. But in Germany I had the advantage of doing most of my shopping at a large and fully-stocked mega-mart.

My experience in the Netherlands has been more … diverse …

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First 2 Days

Quick Re-cap (or "How I Spent My Summer Vacation, 2007 Edition"): We left Toronto at the end of July, in an arduous weekend of painting, packing and more packing, spent August traveling around the midwest US (Kansas City, Indianapolis, Ohio) then up …

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