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Dog bites man, indeed

Some things should be, on the contrary, celebrated for their very groundedness and averageness and relatability. Human interest stories — when they're of true human interest (rather than the products of cable's attempts to sensationalize the serious …

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Bush's Economy

So, you think things are bad? The Washington Post can tell you just how bad, in glorious, sickening detail:

President Bush has presided over the weakest eight-year span for the U.S. economy in decades, according to an analysis of key data, and economists …

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Of pigs and lipstick

NPR has a great overview of the current scandal/gate/tempest-in-a-teapot brewing in US politics. Hearing more of Obama's speech, it's clear that the "pig" comment refers to his "that's not change" riff. Out of context, I guess it's easier to associate …

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CJR Launches The Observatory

This strikes me as good news:

Columbia Journalism Review is proud to announce the launch of The Observatory, a full-time department dedicated to critiquing the press coverage of science and the environment.

I'm very eager to see what this produces.

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The media in Iraq

Here's an interesting survey about the demographics and opinions of journalists currently working in Iraq. CJR has a good summary; I find their intro paragraph fascinating:

A new survey of twenty-nine Western news outlets with reporters working in Iraq …

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We're going bananas over here!

Somewhat literally:

Thousands of bananas have been washed up on two Dutch islands in the North Sea after several containers fell off a cargo ship in a storm, officials say.

They say beaches on Terschelling and Ameland islands were littered with bunches …

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Make Mine Something Else

Marvel comics is suing NCSoft over their City of Heroes game. Because this seems like an extremely frivolous lawsuit to me (the grounds are that it allows players to duplicate their trademarks — what's next, Crayola?) I'm boycotting Marvel comics …

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