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An All-White Elephant

This is an excellent, surprisingly well-linked, op-ed by the NY Times' Frank Rich on race issues in this year's US election. I particularly like this quote:

If we're to judge black candidates on their most controversial associates — and how quickly …

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George Speaks, Badly - New York Times

Fun, if slightly snarky (and a little late?) op-ed by Gail Collins in yesterday's NYT:

We're really past expecting anything much, but in times of crisis you would like to at least believe your leader has the capacity to pretend he's in control. Suddenly …

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What Can Be Fixed

In the middle of a NYT story on a deadly bombing in Iraq:

Many Iraqis, beleaguered at every turn, said they saw the bomb as an attempt to aggravate sectarian strife and as one more piece of evidence that the Americans could not protect them from extremists …

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Medal of Freedom Spin


Q: The President awarded the Medal of Freedom to George Tenet, among others, just a short time ago. It was Mr. Tenet who told the President that it was a slam-dunk case for weapons of mass destruction in Iraq . Has the President simply forgiven …

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