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How we identify

Matt Bors points out that political cartoons are frequently described, maybe attributed to a paper, but rarely to an author.

It may seem like a small gripe, but this is routinely how cartoons are referenced in the media. You would never quote a brilliant …

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Logistical empathy

I keep encountering this… thing, this psychological reaction, lately, that I don't think has a name, so I'm going to give it one: logistical empathy. Specifically, I think most people lack it.

A couple of examples:

  • Liz was doing some work that …

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Arguing the facts of the case

I've received a number of wrong numbers lately (moving always does this), but lately, the callers have begun to argue with me about the validity of their dialage. Something like:

Them: Hi, do you have Halo?

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Large-scale combat in narrativist RPGs

In our local Burning Wheel game, I’ve been playing Gerd, the leader of a band of merceneries trying to defend the town from Duke Wilhelm. At GenCon, we played in Luke’s Burning Empires demo, where I was the leader of the Kerrn guerillas fighting …

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