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"Dark Knight" sucked

The American media got all hyperventilated when "The Dark Knight" came out there back in July, but there was comparatively less enthusiasm when it was finally released in the Netherlands around September or so. Still, when I saw it was scheduled to go …

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Mini-Review: Hot Fuzz

London's best cop makes the rest of the bunch look bad, so they ship him off to a sleepy village, which suddenly develops a crime wave. Tough-guy cop has to work with/against local bumbling cops to bring down the bad guys.

I loved Shaun of the Dead

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Guy movies, round n+1

As is my tradition when Liz is away exploring exotic locales and I am left to my own devices, I have checked out a few recent "guy movies" that I missed in theatres.

Last night, I watched "A History of Violence", where Viggo Mortensen defends his boring …

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Wilderness of Mirrors

Last week's game night, we tried out a new game, and my first time GMing in almost two years. The game is "Wilderness of Mirrors" last year's GenCon release from John Wick (though it's sort of unreleased at the moment, but it seems you can email/PayPal …

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Mini-review: The Invisible

Summary: Teenage angst runs amok.

No, really, that's it. The studio sold this as a creepy, supernatural mystery story a-la Sixth Sense, but it's not.

As a supernatural mystery, it might have, at least, been interesting. As a teenage angst story, it's …

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Decidedly not bored games

Last night, our local gaming group took a night off from our more serious games to play some of the new boardgames we'd unwrapped at Christmas. Brief reviews below…

Reef Encounter

Reef Encounter is a weird, slightly over-complicated game of fish …

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Twilight Imperium

I played a bit of Twilight Imperium with Steve, Hans and Erik yesterday.

I had fun, but somewhat in spite of the game. Mmmm, that's not fair, I actually liked the game, but I didn't love the game.

It's gorgeous, that's for sure. Approximately 1 gajillion …

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