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Geek stampede

So, the original story goes something like this: girl buys laptop, laptop comes with (gasp!) Linux, Linux isn't compatible with her High-Speed Internet or her college classes. Girl drops out of the college.

The original article isn't great journalism …

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Configuring a Windows server

I quite enjoyed reading Brent Ashley's description of his travails when trying to set up a Windows server

When I finally get through a marathon session of setting up a Windows server “just so” to make my application work, it's like I have …

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Beware iCal and the word "monthly"

I noticed today that I'd missed an important due date. Cue internal dialogue:

"But I have that in iCal!"
"Well, that doesn't do any good if you ignore the alarms!"
"But I didn't! I didn't ignore the alarm, it never went off! Honest!"

A little investigation …

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For kicks (and out of a desire to prevent "monkey-trap-ism" — warning that's a PDF), I've been feeling like I need to move away from MySQL, and to that end, I'm trying out PostgreSQL for size.

I had some odd problems getting this set-up …

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You got some niche in your Eye

Sony's unbearably compelling CCG, played with the upcoming Playstation Eye peripheral - may be the most niche product ever conceived. A constructible deck card game that requires a custom camera and a six hundred dollar gaming console to interpret it …

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