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Geek stampede

So, the original story goes something like this: girl buys laptop, laptop comes with (gasp!) Linux, Linux isn't compatible with her High-Speed Internet or her college classes. Girl drops out of the college.

The original article isn't great journalism …

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Configuring a Windows server

I quite enjoyed reading Brent Ashley's description of his travails when trying to set up a Windows server

When I finally get through a marathon session of setting up a Windows server “just so” to make my application work, it's like I have …

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Beware iCal and the word "monthly"

I noticed today that I'd missed an important due date. Cue internal dialogue:

"But I have that in iCal!"
"Well, that doesn't do any good if you ignore the alarms!"
"But I didn't! I didn't ignore the alarm, it never went off! Honest!"

A little investigation …

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Enter versus Return

Clearly a Utility Despite the clunky name, I'm quite fond of my Natural Keyboard Pro. It's the only Microsoft product that I've been consistently happy with.

Now that the move is in full swing, I'm getting used to being a primarily-laptop-keyboard-guy. The other day …

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Me vs. perl, stupid perl

The issue here is long since been resolved. This is a rant, not really a plea for help.

I recently decided that I've been using mbox for too long, it was time to switch to maildir. It looks like mb2md, written in perl, is the tool for the job.

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For kicks (and out of a desire to prevent "monkey-trap-ism" — warning that's a PDF), I've been feeling like I need to move away from MySQL, and to that end, I'm trying out PostgreSQL for size.

I had some odd problems getting this set-up …

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You got some niche in your Eye

Sony's unbearably compelling CCG, played with the upcoming Playstation Eye peripheral - may be the most niche product ever conceived. A constructible deck card game that requires a custom camera and a six hundred dollar gaming console to interpret it …

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