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Moving bits

Standing in our new flat, looking south-east

Shower spray

When we inspected the new flat, along with the building management, we noticed spots of water …

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Toronto Ruby on Rails

For the last – gasp – 11 months or so, I've enjoyed meeting local Rails enthusiasts at a local pub, for an event we call "Rails Pub Nite". But, in between Pub Nites, where do you go for help?

The core Rails mailing list is a little like …

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I'm planning to attend BarCampEarthToronto this weekend. The Crow-free "un-committee" appears to have put together a spiffy event. I feel like I'm still getting my sea-legs (work-legs?) but I'm already sorely anxious for some down-time. Hey - who knew? …

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CaseCamp - a marketing-themed BarCamp spin-off - inaugurated itself last night in Toronto. I got there stupidly late (thank you, public transport) but seem not to have missed much.

There's an excellent summary here. I found the case presented by Eli and …

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