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Scottish Ruby Conference

I'm very excited to be speaking at the Scottish Ruby Conference on Saturday. I've been an attendee at the conference (well, in its previous incarnation …

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Logistical empathy

I keep encountering this… thing, this psychological reaction, lately, that I don't think has a name, so I'm going to give it one: logistical empathy. Specifically, I think most people lack it.

A couple of examples:

  • Liz was doing some work that …

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First 2 Days

Quick Re-cap (or "How I Spent My Summer Vacation, 2007 Edition"): We left Toronto at the end of July, in an arduous weekend of painting, packing and more packing, spent August traveling around the midwest US (Kansas City, Indianapolis, Ohio) then up …

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RailsConfEurope, part 1

RailsConfEurope was not only my first Rails conference (although I did go to 37signals "Building of Basecamp" workshop) but, actually, my first professional conference event ever. Here are some highlights, in roughly chronological order:

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RailsConfEurope, part 2

Better late than never, more of my thoughts on RailsConfEurope:

Cyndi Mitchell (ThoughtWorks) Keynote

The ThoughtWorks keynote was, by far, the most interesting use of the paid keynote slots. Cyndi Mitchell's talk was a little narrative about business …

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On the road, again

We're moving!

Yes, again.

In about two weeks, we'll be hitting the road again, leaving Toronto for further adventures. Specifically, to spend some time with friends & family, then on Sept 4, we fly to the Netherlands, where we'll be taking up residence …

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Places to Go, People to Be

(Or: How I Spent My Summer Vacation, volume 2006)

This year, our "big summer vacation" incorporated both our families, the Dublin Irish Festival, GenCon, and both Liz & my high school reunions (we went to different schools - in different …

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We're back!

Back from our two-week plus trip around the midwest, including the Dublin Irish Festival, GenCon, and a couple of high school reunions. Full report coming soon...

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