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Stupid @#$%ing Dreamweaver

This isn't likely to be particularly inspired; I'm just ranting here.

I'm getting sick of PHP.

I like PHP - correction, I used to like PHP. I started using it in 2000, when I worked for the Dispatch. It all started with a fairly basic request, "The …

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Things I Learned This Week

It's been a busy week, working on a fancy/complicated Web project. Here's a smattering of things I've learned:

IE7 breaks old assumptions about float clearing

I have been using a variant of ALA's Practical CSS Forms for years. It blew up in IE7; all the …

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Some Rails "Gotchas" for PHP Devs

Rails is weird, sometimes, for someone used to PHP. Things that have consistently stumped me longer than they deserve to:

"render(:text=>some_obj)" != "exit(var_dump($some_var))"
In PHP, I tend to use the latter as a quick debug …

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Too funny!

Maybe you have to have been working with Ruby for awhile, maybe not, but I have to share:

My new blob

I am at the moment setting up my Unbuntu conputer for Rails - the Rubby language W.W.W. framewok for making W.W.W. sites. Rubby is a great conputer …

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A Practical Example: PHP vs. RoR

I had a situation come up yesterday that, I think, illustrates what I like about Ruby on Rails particularly splendidly.

The Project: Revamp of a client's Web site. The design is actually coming from another designer, I'm just implementing and handling …

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How to build a better web browser

Scott Berkun discusses building browsers:

Web browsers are funny things

Some friends and I were just discussing browsers and email clients last night (just Firefox/ThunderBird/Mozilla/Safari, really) so... I guess, I'm ready. Bring it on.

There is a reason …

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I am, apparently, a 'Web Hermit'

New terminology, I guess:

So in this world where fortunes are made and lost by trading in nothing more substantial than data; where you can choose your friends and acquaintances not just from the people you meet at work or down the pub, but from all over …

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