1 year in de Nederlands

One year ago today, Josh and I, with puppy in tow, arrived in the Netherlands. We arrived at 6 in the morning, waited for bags and then for the puppy to be rolled out to us, still in his crate. A pre-arranged taxi hauled us, the dog (and crate), and our huge pile of luggage to Utrecht. We were dropped off in front of our rental house, and waited about half hour there, watching with amazement at the sheer number of bikes passing by, for the agent to meet us with the key.

Once in the house, we had a little nap, some lunch (procured at the airport) and then set out to explore the town. We wandered about aimlessly for a while, trying to find a t-mobile store so we could get some new sim cards and establish ourselves some phone numbers. We finally had some luck and then topped off the evening with some yummy Indian food. It was a pretty good day, and everything worked out really well. Looking back on it, the experience was a fun mix of jet-lag, homesickness, and excitement about the future.

We're going to go out to dinner tonight to celebrate. Hmm.. maybe we should go find that Indian restaurant again. We were joking that we should commemorate by going downtown and getting lost. Of course, we know Utrecht pretty well by now, so that might be hard to do. :)

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