Leopard and the return of /usr/local/lib

Okay, so let me preface this by saying, I am not a unix guru. When software needs to be recompiled to work on my mac, my first response is to go see if anyone else has done it already. That said, sometimes I have to dig into the guts of programs to …

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Adding a WCS to your fits image

So, adding a WCS is not actually all that difficult. But in my experience finding the process clearly explained is more challenging. I finally found a process that works well for me (with thanks going to Kyle Johnston, U. Waterloo, for outlining the …

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But it's so comforting...

So, today I needed to perform a Kolmogorov Smirnov two-sample test, and I had to refresh my memory a bit on the details. Given that I just moved overseas, most of my notes are tucked away in Kansas City at the moment, so I turned to the web.

In Wikipedia-ing …

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American advertising culture

So, I was checking my web-mail account (I have an old one I use occaisionally at mail.com) and their homepage had a link to an article on stuff going on in Iraq right now. I clicked the link and started reading. As I was reading the article, though …

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I just remembered you'll need this beauty in order to run hfit.pro

I like to use IDL to make nicely formatted tables or listings of data to drop into, say, latex or other software. One of my pet peeves in IDL is that the numbers always give a large number …

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Hubble Profile Script

Here's a useful little script I wrote in IDL. It allows you to send it 2 arrays (x and y data) and then you can plot the data, and fit it with a Hubble profile:

y = I * (1 + x/r_c)^(-a)

where I, r_c and a are constants representing the vertical scaling …

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new do!

So, when I was in grade school, I was somewhat traumatized by a really (and might I add *really*!!) bad, short haircut. Thus, ever since grade 4, I've been "growing it out". And, I've never gotten more than 3 inches cut off at one time, with usually …

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Indecision 2044

This segment from the Daily Show was awesome. I have not laughed so hard in a *long* time.

My favourite part is the political ad, particularly the special effects for Maylyn's crazy sister.

ah. i love the Daily Show...

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